Picsart vs Lightroom: Features, Similarities, and Comparison

In today’s digital age, creating engaging content is very important for social media creators. The best tools that are widely used nowadays that will help you create stunning content are Picsart and Lightroom. Picsart and Lightroom are considered powerful editing tools that enhance your images and give them a natural HD look by just applying some filters, adding stickers, and setting the adjustments.

In this article, we’ll explore the difference between Picsart vs Lightroom and the advantages that Picsart offers over Lightroom and help you make your choice of which one is better. Here, we will discuss the different reasons why Picsart is a better choice for social media creators.

Introduction of Picsart vs Lightroom

Picsart and Adobe Lightroom help you in editing your photos. Some of their features are the same but many of their features are different from each other. In terms of functionality, both Picsart and Lightroom have central features with different tasks and purposes. Let’s talk about the basic features of Picsart vs Lightroom in this article.

Picsart vs lightroom

Picsart vs Lightroom both have a lot of advantages depending on your editing needs. Picsart is widely used for casual use especially to make quick edits. On the other hand, Lightroom is used for professional users like photographers. Shortly, If you need reliable and user-friendly tool then Picsart is more reliable.

Feature Comparison of Picsart vs Lightroom

Picsart and Lightroom both offer powerful editing features. For further understanding, let’s discuss the feature comparison of Picsart vs Lightroom.

Picsart Features

Creative Features: Picsart has the creative features of adding stickers to your photos, writing text in beautiful templates, and applying vibrant and bright filters. All these features help in making engaging content for social media. You can also use and download picsart for PC.

Multiple Collages: Picsart has different collages and frames. Through Picsart collages, you can combine multiple images into one creative collage.

AI-Powered Features: Picsart also includes an AI feature that helps remove the image’s background and make automatic color corrections.

Lightroom Features

Detailed Features: Lightroom is used for professionals who use detailed editing features like removing objects from the photo and applying stroke features to the images.

Professional Features: Lightroom has advanced features for adjusting photos to change the exposure and contrast of the photo, which is usually used by professional photographers.

Presets: Lightroom has some ready-made features or settings that can help you enhance your photo without doing a lot of work or changes. 

Picsart vs Lightroom: Which Tool is Best for Photo Editing?

Picsart Mod APK and Lightroom both offer unique and amazing features. In this comparison of Picsart vs Lightroom, we’ll explore the basic features and comparison and help you choose the best tool according to your needs.

Visual Effects

Picsart offers a huge range of filters like vivid effects like “Zombie” and “Caricature”. Also in Picsart, you can get cool effects such as mirror, bokeh, vintage, and Gaussian blur.

Lightroom, on the other hand, offers more natural effects and color gradient effects. Lightroom is a very professional photo editing tool that effectively uses its filters and effects.

Color Effects

Picsart offers HD features to brighten the images and use contrast effects to enhance the image and its quality. In color effects, Picsart offers multiple features like exposure, contrast, shadows, warmth, saturation, and vibrance.

Lightroom offers advanced options of RGB (red, green, and blue). Lightroom also offers HSL effects like hue, saturation, and luminance.

Additional Features of Picsart vs. Lightroom

Picsart offers numerous artistic effects like fonts and colors. Picsart is a user-friendly tool that offers the ability to create collages, frames with different themes, customizable banners, and stickers.

Lightroom offers high-quality photo adjustments allowing to remove backgrounds or objects from the photo. It supports presets like ready-made settings that can help you enhance your photo without doing work.

Cost Comparison: Picsart vs. Lightroom

When it comes to pricing, Picsart and Lightroom offer different ranges. By purchasing a paid version of Picsart and Lightroom, you can have a wider range of features for editing photos and videos.

Picsart Price Range

Picsart offers a free version that can be used by some users. The free version contains the features of basic adjustments and AI-powered editing options. To use premium templates and 200+ fonts, 20M+ stock images, buy a paid version of Picsart. The price range of paid Picsart are:

Picsart per monthPicsart per year
$3.99 per month$49.99 per month

Lightroom Price Range

Like Picsart, Lightroom is only available as a subscription model via Adobe’s Photography plan. There is also a free version but it gives limited edits. If you want to get access to premium features like spot editing and removing needless objects, you have to buy the paid version of Lightroom.

Lightroom  per month 20GBLightroom  per month 100GB
$9.99 per month$52.99 per month


Both Picsart and Lightroom are powerful photo editing tools. Picsart’s user-friendly interface, creative tools, and affordability make it a standout choice for social media creators. On the other hand, Adobe Lightroom is designed for photography professionals. If you are a beginner to photo editing then Picsart is the best option you can go with. Because, Picsart is user-friendly, easy to use, and it can make quick edits.

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